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This week we've got some great amateur action for you on Money Talks. Esmi and Jmac stepped out onto the beach on a mission to get sexy ladies to flash their tits for some cash. Sure enough, there was no short supply of ladies will to show their tatas for a little cash. After that, the crew hooked up with Tysen. She was a sexy little blond with a banging body and a really cute face. We knew Tysen was down, so we cut right to the chase. She was down and hopped into the van for a sexual adventure. As the van cruised town, Jmac went balls deep into that lovely pussy. He gave her a good stroking and when he was good and ready busted his load all over her face. It was some throwback Money Talks action at its finest.

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It was a wild week on Money Talks. Filming started with Havoc hitting the streets to finds a few sex ladies that were willing to go head to head in a blowjob competition. The winner got a huge penis trophy and some quick cash. Just wait until you see these ladies sucking away on that cock. We can tell you this much, they all really wanted to win. From there, filming cut back to the thrift store where Esmi and Levi were getting some hot ladies to show their tits for cash. Once in particular by the name of Dakota was willing to take it to the next level. This cute teen was petite and slim and had a hot pussy she knew how to work. She put a vice grip on Levi's cock and didn't let go until she blew his load all over her face. This is one awesome episode you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

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This week we have a great Money Talks update for you that features Esmi Lee and is titled, Ass Shopping. It also features MILF Hunter regular, Levi and a new face on the scene, blond amateur Jessy. When she comes into the store looking for a new outfit, she doesn't expect to be offered cash to flash her tits and ass. But she needed the cash, so off came the top and pants. We were quite pleased to see the nice tits and sweet round ass Jessy had. Levi and Esmi wasted no time seducing Jessy once she was naked.

This threesome got down like you couldn't imagine. Esmi Lee and Jessy took turns getting down on that dick and sucking it. From there, the ladies were hot and wet and wanted to feel Levi inside them, so they took turns riding his cock. Jessy got the first crack at it, and it was something exceptional. Just check out the free video above to see how wild it got. After that, Esmi got her turn too, but Levi couldn't hold out any longer and busted his load all over there faces. It was HOT!

Money Talks threesome Ass Shopping with Esmi Lee

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Just how horny are you? I am so horny that I can't wait to see the brand-new update of Money Talks that is coming down the pike today! It's this video called "Sports Fanny" (what's with this site and all the puns anyways?) and it features some double penetration sex that the entire family can enjoy just as long as they are of legal age to watch it in the region that they are in! What makes this video so nasty is the fact that it's just so daring. I mean, I have never seen a chick take it up the ass while blowing a guy around so many people at once! It's fucking incredible!

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