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I know you have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for the newest update of Money Talks this week, and I am glad to tell you that today it's here! This new Money Talks episode is called Cock Sandwich and it is really one of the weirdest, sexiest, and just plain bizarre episodes that we have ever had on our site. Don't say that we didn't warn you!

What makes this episode so bizarre? Well, for one thing, look at that babe in the photo above and the gallery below this paragraph. We got this chick face-painted with this weird-ass tooth painting, and we paid her a couple hundred dollars to suck this dude's cock. Seeing this chick eat a rock-hard dick is honestly one of the hottest and nastiest things I have seen in the longest time!

If you like high-quality goofy porn, then this is the update that you have to check out. The weird face-paint thing is just the beginning of the story, Havoc, Jmac and the gang also head to a strip club and convince the babes inside to take their work home with them...and then ask them to take it to the streets! It's so hot that I have an erection right now just thinking about it! Check out this new Money Talks episode today!

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I can't wait to see the hottest bathroom sex videos on Money Talks. Bathroom sex is so fucking hot, and so convenient too! The shower is right there, so when you're done cumming straight into the toilet, you can take a shower to wash away all the sweat. Then you can brush your teeth, and get rid of all those germs. Nothing beats convenient sex. I guess that's why I chose this video to be our featured video for the day. Or maybe I just chose it randomly. Whatever the reason, it's worth checking out. Watch it today!

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Every episode of Money Talks goes to show just how true that statement is. With a wad of cash in hand it's unbelievable the things people will do. For the right amount of money, everyday people prove that Money Talks and bullshit walks. Today's picture gallery comes from an episode properly titled "Double sensation".

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With planking being the new big thing all around the world Havoc had to see what the hype was all about. At first it seemed pretty boring, but Havoc put her thinking cap on and put a spicy twist to things. She has them strip down to barely nothing to show off their hot bods in the process. Havoc then makes her rounds and finds some cute girls that are willing to allow her to vacuum their tops off.

The main show ends up being a double treat. They start off by paying dudes to get packaged up and rolled around. Then they pay some kinky cuties to flash their tits and one babe even sits back to enjoy some t-bagging fun. When one long haired cutie walks-in in desperate need for a place to say things spice up even more. She gets paid the big bucks to strip naked and get her va-jay-jay stuffed by Jmac's big dick. She slobs his nob, takes it doggie style and even enjoys some threeway action.


Happy Thanksgiving! Today's Money Talks update is a special treat for the holiday season. Havoc was out doing what she does best when she found these two dudes. They were more then willing, to get dreseds up and stuff a turkey. Only this was no regular turkey, in fact I gotta say it's the sexiest damn turkey I've ever laid eyes on.

This beauty aka turkey has some sexy real tits and a tight ass. She had no problems getting a double stuffing. Infact she enjoyed every minute of it. This babe did everything from jerking them off, to deep throating their cocks, to get her slit stuffed. This is one of the wildest Thanksgiving threesomes I've seen yet. Leave it to Havoc to take role playing to the next level.

This isn't the only thing that goes down in this "Money Hungry" episode. The Money Talks crew finds a sexy blonde to strip down and work her pussy all over a dildo strapped to a strangers chest. Then Jmac & Tony pay some dudes to try on some really embarrassing stuff like a body suit and a jock strap. But things take a turn from hilariousness to cum sucking spectacular when a big booty Latina walks in.

Jmac really goes to work on this barely legal latin beauty. First he manages to convince her to flash her small natural tits. Only he can't stop there since what he really wants is that ass of hers. He gets her to show off all the goods then gives her a piping she won't be forgetting no time soon. This chica pounces her big booty all over Jmac's cock. He stuffs her full and goes at it in full force.She takes it like a pro and even lets him have a facial finale.

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This week in Money Talks Blog update we have some pretty spectacular and sexy stunts courtesy of the very creative and stunningly gorgeous, Havoc. First off she invented the pizza bikini, she hired some girl with a nice, big ass and big tits to sport the pizza bikini. Not looking bad at all, in fact, quite appetizing. Havoc proceeded to pay some dude off the street to chow down the pizza bikini right off this babe's body. He was happy to make some money and happy to be in such close proximity to this fine piece of ass.

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Then Havoc and the crew went to hang out at a cigar shop where we meet the lovely, daring and horny, real amateur: Miranda May. She was shopping for cigars for a bachelorette party but settled for Jmac's huge cigar in his pants. Miranda Jay flashed us all her goods; her perky tits, her coochie and her lovely round booty.

Before you even realize this babe is on her knees giving Jmac a champ blow job. She then lets him fuck her silly deep in her pussy. Miranda Jay was in utter bliss and enjoyed every minute of getting fucked hard and deep. She left the cigar shop with perhaps, the best lay of her life and a wad of cash. Needless to say, all parties we're more than happy with the outcome. Don't miss Miranda Jay in Money Talks video: "Pole Smoker."

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This is one unforgettable Money Talks update. The finest, most voluptuous lesbian in lesbian porn gets its on with Havoc herself, the brunette hottie, that's truly the queen of all real amateurs. Havoc is also, mostly responsible for the fun and sexy antics that you get to watch here on Money Talks.

Both of these hot, stunning and sought after babes come together for an amazing hook up that you will certainly find hard to forget as you struggle to put your jaws back into place. Molly Cavalli is looking good as always as she shows off her big ass. Havoc looks equally stunning as she chills out completely naked playing with Molly Cavalli. It's clear that Havoc certainly enjoys the company of some women and even a enjoys licking lesbian pussy on occasions.

If you like Molly Cavalli's 40 Inch Plus ass and her expert lesbian pussy licking, you should check out, Hayden Winters & Molly Cavalli In Ass Of Inspiration. This is one really hot, lesbian sex hook you don't want to miss!

Meanwhile, this latest installment of Money Talks doesn't only have Molly Cavalli and Havoc being naughty girls, but it's, also, packed with sexual antics, huge boobs, big asses, outrageous, real amateurs and much more!

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There’s nothing like watching a hot young chick get nailed live on camera! Ashlee gets right into her Money Talks debut with Pay For a Peek, which starts saucy and ends up downright awesome! Reality Kings members will have sore cocks for a week after this one...

Ashlee spreads her tight wet pussy on camera in the Money Talks game Pay For a Peek and ends up taking it in both holes for a pile of cash. She loves it too – and so will Reality Kings members.


If you’ve never watched Money Talks before, you probably need to know what goes on. The show is simple enough – Reality Kings legends wander round the US getting hot chicks to do even hotter stuff for cash! The show starts with naked snow angels and ends with panties in a bunch, as the hottest chicks of all take the most cash for serious fucking on camera!

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Something Special really is – thanks to Reality Kings and Money Talks! The good people at our favourite amateur porn empire have spread the love again with some seriously crazy street dares – all featuring hot chicks and plenty of pussy!

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