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This week on Money Talks, we followed our host as she solicited sexy girls for the freaky challenge. So what exactly did she and the crew have in mind? How about, vagina wedgies. One girl would pull the others thong up real hard until her panties were wedged in her pussy. Both of these ladies were perfect 10's. They gave out a little shout when they got wedgied, but they had fun and got their cash. After that, we met up with Dylan and Jerry at the shop. Dylan had on a camo bodysuit that really showed off her insane curves. They were offering sexy girls cash for flashes, as they came into the store.

Jojo Kiss threesome porn on Money Talks

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We got some really nice looks at exceptional tits and asses. Then Jojo Kiss came in. When Dylan and Jerry caught a glimpse of her, they wanted to play. They through the whole pile at her to get her play, and it worked. Dylan and Jerry took turns sucking her pussy, and a freaky threesome ensued. Jerry put her up on the counter and pounded her pussy right there in the middle of the shop. Dylan got butt-naked and played along with them. When Jerry was spent, he pulled out and busted a nut all over Jojo's sexy tits and pretty face.


Sienna Day amateur porn on Money Talks

In this Money Talks episode, Havoc hit the streets to make some noise and get wild for the New Year in 2014. Equipped with party favors, she found a lucky lady that was willing to stick a party horn up her ass and make it blow for cash. It was very impressive to watch, but she gave the old horn a tooting, so to speak. From there, Havoc through some more cash at her to make her masturbate herself to an orgasm right there in the street with a New Year's party prop. This girl was super sexy, and it was awesome watching her cum.

Money Talks with Esmi Lee and Sienna Day

From there, the crew headed back to the shop where Esmi and Jmac were doing there thing. They tempted groups of ladies to flash their tits with hands full of cash. There were some really nice tits among the mix. But the best pair belonged to Sienna Day. She was exceptionally hot, so the crew offered her some extra cash for some extra action. Sienna agreed, and it was on. In the back room, her and Esmi took turns sucking Jmac's cock. Then Sienna took that dick deep, as Esmi played with her sexy body. It was crazy hot. And in the end, Jmac wrapped up the show in Money Talks fashion with a hot cumshot across Sienna and Esmi's pretty faces.

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Remember when you where younger, and first looking at porn and how excited you would get about seeing naked bodies have sex? There was nothing quite like seeing that type of shit for the first time, was there? Well, you can now start to feel just as excited all over again, because this hot sex for cash porn on Money Talks is so sexy that it will make you feel like a fresh-faced virgin all over again! (Or a pimple-faced virgin, whatever)

This video is really hot because all of the chicks in it are just your average super hot chicks that you run into on the streets, who end up doing the nastiest things in the world just with a little bit of prodding and for just a little bit of cash. Our Money Talks crew really let things get crazy this time around. I still can't believe that the cops never found out it was us doing all of those sexy hijinx! You'd think that they would catch on by now.

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Be sure to watch this entire episode, because things get really crazy really quick. At one point, this chick takes off all of her clothes in public and begins to squawk like a duck in front of this nun! Watching it has been the hardest I've laughed, and the hardest my penis has ever been at the same!


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If you are as addicted to porn as I am, then you have a serious problem and should probably seek help. If you are slightly less addicted to porn than I am, then you are really going to get a kick out of this hot weird porn videos that we have for you today on Money Talks. This video is so hot, that it's basically on fire!

Now, what makes this video so awesome? First of all, the chicks on it are as hot as hell and are up for doing basically anything sexy that you can imagine! I think my favorite part of this whole movie is where some dude offers this chick just $5 to take off all of her clothes, and she does! That's a strip for less than the cost of the subscription to our site!

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I bet you can't wait until you get your grubby little hands on this video where you get to see this hot Reality Porn blond get naked! This chick in today's video is one of those babes who is basically so horny that not even an army can hold her back...or satisfy her to completion! Isn't it great to see a woman explore her sexual desires despite societal pressure? I sure feel that way! Yeah, sex!

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With the holidays around the corner Havoc is in the holiday spirit and looking to have some fun. First she sets out to find a babe down to strip naked and get a christmas tree draw on her with a mans dick. This babe is a champ in need of cash that even throws in a blowjob for some added cash and an extra treat. Then Havoc heads out to find another beauty that's willing to show off her goods and fly a toy helicopter that's tied to some dude's dick.

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Once Havoc is done having her fun the crew heads over to a bar they gang likes to hang at to give out some extra cash. They're in need of a new host and the Money Talks crew is ready to make it an exciting experience for everyone. They have some fun with the customers as they give them some shots and pay them to flash their goods. Once Jmac lays eyes on this one cutie in a blue dress he knows she's one. They pay her to flash her tits, then her ass and vertical slit. They try her out behind the bar and before offering her the job she gets paid to spread wide and let Jmac inside.


Havoc is at it again! She's got a wad of cash in hand and ready for some great laughs and real excitement. With the holiday season here, she figured it was only right to hook up some people with cash. She gets two sexy chics to strip down to white panties and a white tanktop. Once they get their whites on she covers them in a milk bath. These chics strut their stuff as the roll around in a pool of milk. After that its on to the guys, she finds one desperate dude and pays him to fuck a can pussy. The things they invent these days, keep us curious and wanting to see how they work.

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Once he busts his nutt, Havoc is off to look for the next victim. She heads on over to an electronic store she has a connection at to offer the customers a deal of a lifetime. With her still in the holiday spirit she decides to throw a "Holiday Sale". Only she isn't just cutting back the prices. She's actually giving away stuff like car stereos and more for free. Now you all know you can't get something for nothing, so she convinces people to strip down and show off their goods for the price. Now you already know that things had to get pushed further then that. When two bangin beauties walk in they pull out the big toys and get these girls to give up all their goods in exchange for the electronics. They flash the goods, give a double headed blow-job and take turns getting their tight slits rammed in. This is a MUST see!


Today's update comes form a Money Talks episode titled Candy Pants. This episode is jam packed with guys geting paid to look like fools and chicks getting paid to get loose. They convince this one guy to eat a cigarette and another to get his head dunked in the toilet, can you say desperation? They make the guys go through some unusaly punishment but switch things up for the ladies. They manage to convence hot babes to strip down and even fuck. One hottie strips down in the snow and fucks the Money Talks snowman. Then they get this one hot blond Latina to flash her pussy and stroke Jmac's dick. Too bad for us they couldn't convince her to go all the way.

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However, they make up for it with the next hot Latina who steps up in need of cash. This chic is freakin HOT and there was no way Jmac was going to let her get away! Long dark hair, tan skinned with a juicy booty and a tight slit, YUM. This babe is a real dime piece with some wicked tattoos and a fuck me smile. This one here will surely drive you wild. Watching this bad girl slob the nob and pounce her ass is breath taking. Her skills are so good you think this little beauty was a porn star, but she's merely an amateur. This sexy Latina gets her vertical smile  rammed repeatedly and loves every moment of it.

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The philosopher Zizek has spoken a lot about how ideology is a false consciousness, and how even those who proscribe to the "post-ideological" philosophies have their behavior just as much controlled by the ideologies as those who do not. Today at Money Talks, we a video that features an intense, ontological counter argument to Zizek's claims, and it is in a video called "Money Talks Tube Strip Poker." In the video, a whole bunch of hot babes get together to party and end up playing the sexiest game of strip poker that we have ever seen. In fact, it's sexier then anything we have ever seen at
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. Check out this Money Talks tube strip poker video today, and you will see why you shouldn't put your trust in Freudian-Marxist scholars to speak about the future.

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