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Money Talks Blog returns yet again with an off the chain submission. Havoc and the Money Talks crew are on a rampage once again. Today we got Durian fruit, though very pretty aesthetically, it's a wretched smelling fruit. However, Havoc convinced a trio of babes to exchange a piece of fruit by mouth while topless. We're so glad she was able to convince them, because these babes have some amazing big tits. Next she paid some dude to try out an electric pulse massager. She gives a bad ass dick massage and a wad of cash.

Then the crew takes off to the comic book store and things really start picking up as situations become hotter and more outlandish. Some dude dressed as wonder woman for some hard cash. He looked pretty lovely, I must confessed. Finally, for the main event, Money Talks was so very excited with the possibilities when a couple walked in that happened to be hardcore collectors of rare comics came into the store.

The girl was a hot blonde that was utterly gorgeous. There were a couple of comic s that they really wanted, "extremely" rare but they just couldn't afford the hefty price. Money Talks came to the rescue and offered them a deal. First the hot blonde, Mali flashed her perfect big breasts, next she showed us her perfect ass and then her perfectly shaved pussy. But that's not all...

They still needed some more cash. So we just told them if they would fuck and make a real amateur sex tape we'd not only give them the comics but we've give them more cash on top so they can go wild at the comic book store. It was an irresistible offer. If you've ever been passionate about a hobby, you'd certainly understand. In the drop of a dime Mali, the hot blonde was on her knees sucking her man off. He seemed already into it looked like a true stud.

He proceeded to fucking his sexy as hell girlfriend in every position imaginable. These two really got into it and really ruled at real amateur sex. If you like like hot blondes, you really have to check out Mali in hardcore and steamy action in this Money Talks video: "Comic Encounter."

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Money Talks Blog returns yet again with another exclusive and explosive update. Havoc is out girl and "boy" is she naughty. This time around she got some dude to let her shave his beard like a monkey, the poor guy naturally said "no problem." He didn't stand a chance the cash was good and how can anyone say "no" to Havoc always looking so sexy and cute and with master powers of manipulation?

Then there's tits galore in this installment. Havoc got chick after chick to flash us their melons. We got big tits, little tits, perky tits, fake tits, pierced tits and more. If you're a tit fiend then you've arrived just at the perfect time. Havoc even jiggles her girls with some big tit beauty with a shaved pussy. She looks absolutely stunning and then she ends up in her bikini with some other girls that rub their milk shakers against each other and then make out. It's Money Talks at it's best!

Then we hit the swap shop, more hot babes and more fucking tits. Here Havoc got some dude to clamp his nipples with jumper cables. It's absolutely mad shit but totally chaotic just like we like it. Finally this cute blonde came and showed us her big boobs. They were quite glorious but this daring real amateur was down to make some more cash and she totally fancied our stud. He kissed her boobs, spanked her round ass, licked her pussy and then fucked her into next week.

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We here at Money Talks are all about diversity. To us, diversity is an important part of the cultural discourse as it allows us to inhabit all perspectives and make sure that we live in a truly egalitarian society. That's why today's video features a naughty Latina babe with a pair of totally sex nipple rings!

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You get to see this chick do some of the nastiest stuff that has ever been commuted to the porn cameras, and we love her for that fact. The name of the video is Tricks of the Trade, and it features the usual crew of Money Talks jackasses going off and offering random chicks money to fuck on film. Check it out today!

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Havoc always has a couple of tricks up her sleeve and brought her own creation which is some kind of household tool turn into a radical sex toy. She payed some hot girl to try it out. Truly amazing! Then she hit the sex store where the place was jamming with potential real amateurs. This one hot blonde flashed her big tits, her big ass in a sexy thong and even showed us her shaved pussy.  She was down to make some more cash and went all the way with our hunky stud. This babe looks just amazing as she spreads her legs wide open in anticipation of that fat meat injection.

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Then we stumbled upon a curly hair brunette with a superb body. She was there with her boyfriend. She showed us her big tits and then she and her boyfriend fucked for the cameras, providing us with a kick ass, real amateur porn, sex tape. This cutie, gets fucked looking ever so divine. Don't miss this outrageous Money Talks real amateur sex update and picture gallery. View this free Money Talks video: Tease Me Please Me.


Havoc is going on a rampage in this awesome Money Talks Blog update! She's ran into some skater dudes and really wants to give them a funky as fuck hair-do. She's pulls out the cash and they say "hell yes." They were even ore excited that a blonde chic with huge boobs was going to do the dirty deed. These are some really out there hair-dos, but would you expect any less from Money Talks? "I didn't think so..."

Then she's arrange for a pussy licking contest. We've got a hot MILF with a banging body that's more than willing to get her pussy licked for a hefty amount of time in exchange for some cash and some pleasure. The guy (her man) licking her pussy broke the record in the number of licks in record time. This will surely go down in Money Talks history.

Next we find yet another couple which we bring back to the studio so they can check out some dope ass 3D Porn. why you may ask? Well, there's one reason only: To see them get horny and fuck! Sure enough the plan worked like a charm. This hot couple were checking out the 3D Porn and got horny as fuck. The hot blonde with perky tits began to masturbate and before you know it her man is dicking her down! This one 3D real amateur sex video in Money Talks video: "3D." It's hot to trot and all you real amateur sex lovers will totally dig it!

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This amazing waitress from Chilis decided it was time to take a break from all the annoying customers she had at the moment and have some fun while making some real cash. This brunette babe was hot and Molly was dying to taste a real amateurs pussy. They decided to get it on right there in the car and start their lesbian sex. Molly took out the glass dildo and worked it into Kaylaís shaved pussy. Donít miss out on more amateur porn.


This horny blonde came into this lingerie boutique for some sexy new under garments. She tried some on for the dude in the counter and he got super horny when he saw her camel toe. She was horny as hell too and wanted to get fucked so bad. All this came to play when by chance our guys from the studio were on the hunt for horny babes that love cash. We asked if she would fuck for the cams and she didnít even have to think twice. Her pussy was so moist already and she was craving for cock so bad.

She hooked this dude up with a mind-blowing hand job and then got her twat hammered. She was one happy girl: Not only did she get laid but she got paid too. Now she can purchase even more sexy panties. Join Money Talks for naughty girls that love cock and a little cash! Check out some Free Money Talks Video!


In this wild episode of Money Talks, a couple of the guys go on the hunt for some sexy tourists to perform crazy stunts for cash. After playing some pranks on the beach, the guys came across Haylee Heart while on the prowl in an adult sex shop. Like most of the amateur girls on Money Talks, she was hesitant at first, but once she got that cold hard cash in her hand Haylee Heart was open for anything. She gets rammed nice and hard in the conclusion of this Money Talks episode. Keep checking us out right here on the Money Talks blog for more amazing nude photos and free money talks porn featuring Haylee Heart and tons of amateur girls.

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