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Money Talks Blog once again is jamming with galore of gorgeous real amateurs with big boobs and the guts to show off their goods while making some money while in the process. Havoc started off by hanging out with a couple of naughty cheerleaders that were more than down to show us some of their moves and better yet they used the handles of their poms poms as dildos. Its fucking classic Money Talks at its finest. You'll never see cheerleaders like this!

She then got some hot babes to arm wrestle. Two dudes with their wangs fully exposed,  hanging out on each side of each girl. The winner would eventually smack down on one of these dude's weiner. The stunts here at Money Talks just get crazier and more outlandish. You'll just love the crazy stuff our dear Havoc comes up with.

The Money Talks crew then hits a salon that's packing with babes with huge boobs and best of all they show us their big milk shakers for some cash. One of them even shows us her shaved pussy for a little more money. What can we say, "Money Talks!" These babes are just wild for money and free manicures and pedicures!

As the main course we meet the very naughty Samantha Mendexz. This honey is hot to trot from head to toe. She has awesome perky tits and an amazing, spank worthy Latina booty. This cutie is cool, down to make some cash and she's fucking horny. She gives an amazing blow job and then gets her sweet, Latina pussy plummeted by our stud. She looks truly unbelievable. Don't miss Samantha Mendexz in Money Talks video: "Paid To Upgrade."

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Money Talks Blog returns yet again with another exclusive and explosive update. Havoc is out girl and "boy" is she naughty. This time around she got some dude to let her shave his beard like a monkey, the poor guy naturally said "no problem." He didn't stand a chance the cash was good and how can anyone say "no" to Havoc always looking so sexy and cute and with master powers of manipulation?

Then there's tits galore in this installment. Havoc got chick after chick to flash us their melons. We got big tits, little tits, perky tits, fake tits, pierced tits and more. If you're a tit fiend then you've arrived just at the perfect time. Havoc even jiggles her girls with some big tit beauty with a shaved pussy. She looks absolutely stunning and then she ends up in her bikini with some other girls that rub their milk shakers against each other and then make out. It's Money Talks at it's best!

Then we hit the swap shop, more hot babes and more fucking tits. Here Havoc got some dude to clamp his nipples with jumper cables. It's absolutely mad shit but totally chaotic just like we like it. Finally this cute blonde came and showed us her big boobs. They were quite glorious but this daring real amateur was down to make some more cash and she totally fancied our stud. He kissed her boobs, spanked her round ass, licked her pussy and then fucked her into next week.

The girls are hot, the sex is great, the stunts are outlandish. If you love real amateur porn, Money Talks is definitely the site you need to be in! Don't miss this kick ass Money Talks real amateur porn video: "Super Spread." You won't regret it and you'll be completely blown away!

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Havoc is at it again! She's got a wad of cash in hand and ready for some great laughs and real excitement. With the holiday season here, she figured it was only right to hook up some people with cash. She gets two sexy chics to strip down to white panties and a white tanktop. Once they get their whites on she covers them in a milk bath. These chics strut their stuff as the roll around in a pool of milk. After that its on to the guys, she finds one desperate dude and pays him to fuck a can pussy. The things they invent these days, keep us curious and wanting to see how they work.

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Once he busts his nutt, Havoc is off to look for the next victim. She heads on over to an electronic store she has a connection at to offer the customers a deal of a lifetime. With her still in the holiday spirit she decides to throw a "Holiday Sale". Only she isn't just cutting back the prices. She's actually giving away stuff like car stereos and more for free. Now you all know you can't get something for nothing, so she convinces people to strip down and show off their goods for the price. Now you already know that things had to get pushed further then that. When two bangin beauties walk in they pull out the big toys and get these girls to give up all their goods in exchange for the electronics. They flash the goods, give a double headed blow-job and take turns getting their tight slits rammed in. This is a MUST see!


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Buckle up and get ready for one hell of a Money Talks Blog update! All you real amateur sex lovers love big tits, juicy big asses and pussy galore, right? Well then hang tight because this update is packing with galore of sexy real amateurs including the very sexy Krystal going all out for your viewing pleasure and a wad of cash.

As always, Havoc and the Money Talks crew have gone on an expedition of finding the more than willing to participate in sexy stunts and dares that are all compensated with a shit load of cash. We only got one snotty girl that flicked us off. Well, her fucking loss! She appeared to need an update on her latest manicure job. But that's alright because we got a bunch of sexy babes at the pizza place to show us their big boobs and their luscious, yummy fuckinglicious big asses.

Finally we met Krystal. This girl is fucking amazing. She flashed her shaved pussy for us and made out with another sexy brunette. She wanted more cash and as always we had more offers. She went to the back of the pizza place and got down on her knees and gave our luck stud a sloppy blow job that just looked divine. He licked her wet twat and then fucked her hard and deep. It's absolutely spectacular!

Oh and we also have some watermelons like you've never seen before and we're not talking about big tits, but the juiciest part of a woman...You guys figure it out and tell us what you think. Don't miss this outrageous and awesome Money Talks video: "Wide Open."

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If you love the ladies you're going to love today's Money Talks update. "Public Pussy" is filled with hot babes with amazing bodies, that for the right price will strip down and show the goods. The crew select the lucky ladies, flash the cash and get women to flash their milk jugs for all to see. They even pay some hot chicks to do a water t-shirt contest that gets a little out of control.

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There's young babes and even hot MILF's with huge tits that are down to play the game and show the goods. With so muh titty flashing going on things get heated up and just have to be pushed to the next level. They get their hands on these two hot babes that they end up paying to do a bit more then just flash their boobs. These two beauties strip down to their birthday suits and go hard with some wils lesbian public sex. They don't care that they are in the middle of a clothing store. They take turns tongue and finger fucking one another's slits.


On a very special episode of Money Talks, we bring to you some of the weirdest porn known to man. We can’t even begin to describe to you all of the nasty things that take place in this video because honestly I have no clue what exactly happens! There is this one part with a chicken…and some dude with a condom on his head, and honestly your clue is as good as mine as what it all means.

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Honestly, I just treat the weirdness of Money Talks porn like I would treat any weird art film I see; just sit back, become a passive observer and let all of the emotion wash over you. In this case, the “emotion” is a rock-hard erection as the chicks in this video is as hot as hell! Be sure to check out this Money Talks video today, you will not regret it!

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Money Talks is keeping the holiday spirt alive! Today's update comes from an episode titled "Serving Samantha" that features tons of holiday fun. Havoc gets things started buy paying two chics to strip naked and climb a dildo rock climbing wall. Only not all the cocks on this wall are fake. As the ladies climb their way to the top, they find themselves with real dicks in their hands and face. They get rained on with cash and end up sucking their way to the top.

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As you already know things can only get better from there. Next, Havoc hits up the grocery store and pays a money hungry couple to have sex in the isle. They make sure to go all out and leave a lasting impression. As usual Jmac and his crew take things from there. They do what they do best and pay random girls to flash their tits. Jmac even manages to get a hot cougar to flash not just her big tits but her hairy pussy too. There ends up being all sorts of hand jobs and titty flashing taking places.

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With money to spend they turn up the volume a few notches when a sexy ebony redhead walks in with a phat ass. She plays a little hard to get at first. However, the more money they flash the more willing she becomes. This babe gets started by flashing her boobs. They gets paid to suck Jmac's dick while everyone watches. Before you know it Jmac has her bent over a bar stool and is ramming his cock in her vertical smile. These two go at it hard!


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Money Talks Blog returns with a bang. We have sexy Havoc running amok, getting people to do sexy and daring stunts while gifting them with some good fucking cash that makes it all worth it. She started off at the beach and got some hairy ass dude to do her dirty deeds. He let her shave his chest and give him a bikini trim. The dude didn't care, it was like he died and went to heaven.

Then we got Havoc in the snow where she spotted one really sexy girl with big boobs and the kind of attitude we like: Fun loving and devilishly daring. We had a snowman prepared looking all stud like with huge dildo dong. This hottie was more than willing to give this ice man's rubber man hood a try. It's utterly fantastic. This babe just blew us all away.

Finally we hit the bar and our new waitress is looking better than ever in her raunchy mini skirt with her ass practically hanging out. You will never see a bar tender looking so hot. A bunch of people got hit in this bar. Some cutie in a short skirt walked in and we paid her to show us her pussy. She was down and she was especially down with Jmac, she even ended up grabbing his big, fat dong but then decided to leave.

Then our hot bar tender and the very sexy Honey Luau came along and we were in the mood for some more sexy fun. They took off their panties and laid down on the pool table where we proceeded to cover up their twats with candy. "Boy" did these real amateurs look edible! Jmac went downtown with a quickness, licking these girls clean and they were totally digging it.

Honey Luau stayed pretty fucking horny and decided to hit the back of the bar and give him a mind blowing, deep throat blow job. This girl is utterly amazing. You're just going to love her when she starts bouncing her juicy, big ass on that fat dong. Jmac roughs her up and she was in utter bliss. Don't miss Honey Luau and other sexy real amateurs as they show off their awesome fuck skills and their most delicious assets! Don't miss this Money Talks video: "Candy Pants"

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If you have not yet seen this Money Talks episode, you probably should check it out today. It starts off weird (par for the course with Money Talks) and then goes off the walls batshit insane by the time we get to the end. The beginning of this video features our top babe Havoc playing paddle ball with her paddle ball pads attached to her tits and her groin!

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Things get even weirder from there when the crew then goes to this local RC rally place and gets a couple of naked chicks to take a dildo deep into their pussies, with an RC car attached to it! Talk about “getting your motor going!” Be sure to check out this Money Talks video today, you will not regret it in the least!

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Money Talks Blog is back yet again and this time around we have even more sexy, real amateurs including the very sexy blonde, Rylie Richman. This Money Talks Blog update is yet again jam packed with galore of awesome stunts and sexy shenanigans. Havoc as always has a bag filled with tricks.

She payed one dude to light his crotch on fire. Naturally, he agreed because the money was just right. Some other girl agreed to sandpaper her pubes for some cash. Then we have the over the top Popsicle contest. Just use your imagination for one minute just picture: Popsicle and pussy. "Sounds pretty fucking hot, right?" Well it is! Not to mention all the other naughty babes we encountered and flashed us their huge boobs.

As the finale you get to see the wonderful and sexy Rylie Richman. She's a super hot blonde and she looks so good in her blue, skimpy bikini. She looks even hotter when it all starts coming off and she gets her shaved pussy fucked hard and deep. This babe sure rocks at real amateur sex. Check out this Money Talks video: "All About The Cash."

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