Brace yourselves, everybody, because this sexy Money Talks blow job video is totally out of control! This chick in this movie is one of those super hot babes who loves two things most of all; blow jobs & fucking strage pussy. I just love the way she rubs cock all over her mesh shirt, and I just love the way that her friends from that Free Money Talks Episode Down to Business show up. Basically this episode has the whole kit and caboodle, not to mention the kitchen sink. Check it out today, only on Money Talks!

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You know in that one weird-ass kid's story about the pig and the spider where the spider named Charlotte would spin messages in her web like "some pig" and shit? Well, if that spider was around while this Diamond Girl episode of Money Talks was bring filmed, she'd spin a web that said "sweet pussy" because boy howdy, does this video have a shit load of it! From beginning to the very end there is nothing but super hot chicks who love nothing more in life than to fuck and be fucked.

I think my favorite part of this whole thing is when this one chick is asked to show if she had any tattoos (and offered $100s for the effort) and she flashed her full vag and showed a pubic tatto that said "insert cum here!" Man, some chicks can be just so nasty sometimes, can't they? I fucking love i.

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Be sure to watch this whole Diamond Girl episode of Money Talks, because the ending is quite a killer. They actually bring back some of your all-time favorite chicks from the series (including that turkey babe) and an all-out lesbian orgy breaks out! Shit like this is too hot to miss out on, so check it out today!


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We have no idea how Havoc comes up with this shit, but she does and we're sure happy as hell to have her and her wit on our side. In this Money Talks Blog update, our dearest and sexy Havoc payed a couple to turn their dicks and pussies into mouth watering desserts. Of course, they agreed and Havoc came up with the "Sprinkled Balls a la Mode & Whip Cream Pussy Split." Then they had to devour their wonderful deserts. Its absolutely awesome! A must watch, if you will?

Next Havoc encountered another couple and challenged them to some dick sucking on a stilt. The money was right and they were fucking down. They came back to the studio and the hot blonde with the banging, big ass and gorgeous, big tits gave her man a killer blow job while he stood on the stilt. But he was too horny now. He wanted to fuck and Havoc threw at them some more money so that they would do it. The dude fucked his blonde girlfriend now on the stilt like there was no tomorrow! Again a must watch...

Finally, Havoc and the crew hit a smoothie shop. There was this hot couple that we just needed to watch in action. The girlfriend was a hot, little Latina with a big booty. She was super hot. We paid them for the dude to stick a carrot up her ass. She was a good sport about it. What can we tell you but that "Money Talks." We finally decided that it was safe to ask this couple if they would bang for some good cash. They were down and went to the back of the smoothie shop and got it on hardcore! The boyfriend fucked the cute Latina's pussy hard and deep. Don't miss this fucking awesome Money Talks video: "Quest For Breast." You'll be totally amazed by all the hot real amateur sex in this installment!

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The Money Talks crew is on the loose and bringing in all the hottest and craziest episodes yet. For today's Money Talks Blog update we're bring you a sneak peak from an episode titled "Super Spread". Havoc finds a cornball that lets her shave his beard like a money tail and another who's willing to chow down on his clippers for a few bucks. Then she heads out to find some hotties who are down to flash their tatas and even give them a little giggle. For an added bonus you all surely won't want to miss Havoc as she shows off her gorgeous tatas and their amazing bounce.

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You all know the fun doesn't end there! The guys are over at the swap shop and ready for some giggles and wild excitement. The pay some cheese-ball to climb in a suitcase and get rolled around & some idiot to put clamps on his nipples. He's is so much pain he can't even hold back the tears! There's hot chics all around that are looking for the big bucks and flashing their milk jugs all around. There's even a spicy Latina that's willing to go to the back and show off more then just her real tits. She drops her shorts to flaunt her wet pussy for the cameras. She's super fly but was down enough for the main event. For that we have ourselves a sexy ballerina beauty. This babes body is amazing; juicy natural breast, a round plump booty and a dripping wet pussy that was begging for a pleasing. She gets her slit stuffed all over the back room while others sit back and watch.


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If you're looking for fun, kicks and the best real amateur sex on the net, then Money Talks is the site for you. We got Havoc and the Money Talks Crew packing with galore of stunts, tricks, strippers, boobs, ass and plenty of pussy to last you all year round. In this Money Talks Blog installment Havoc is feeling pretty fucking wild. She takes off her tank and shows off her perfect big tits. Moreover, she straps on a dildo and pays some "sucka" to suck on her rubber dong. He didn't give a damn. Havoc was looking so good he just couldn't refuse and of course there was monetary compensation.

Moving on, they hit the flea market which is packing with babes that are more than willing to show us their big boobs and their shaved coochies. Havoc also, payed some dude so that she can burn his arm pit hairs. She got two sexy blonde girlfriends to kiss each other for the first time. It's so fucking hot! First timers are always surprisingly passionate! I tell you this is one rocking Money Talks update.

Finally, for the main event we ran into a petite brunette, that happened to be very sexy and very open minded just like we like them.  Her name is Vanessa and she's fucking hot to trot. She agrees to suck Jmac's dong and fuck him. She was one hell of a little firecracker. You have to check out this real amateur in this Money Talks video: "Pay To Play." You'll be blown away by this kick ass real amateur sex video.

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Money Talks Blog is banging with awesome, sexy stunts, funny and outlandish tricks, loads of cash, tits, ass and pussy! We got it all for we're the best real amateur porn site on the web. In this installment, Havoc pays some dude to get a cock piercing. The money seemed right and he totally went for it. She also set up a contest of "corn on the cock." She recruited two couples to munch corn on the cock. The quickest muncher would get a wad of cash! You just have to check out out!

As always Money Talks has more than its fair share of babes with big boobs and luscious big asses more than willing to show off them goods for some green. But today's main event is centered around the lovely, ebony beauty: Tila Flame. This banging black girl is hot to trot and her big booty is out of hand to say the least.

Tila Flame was at a furniture store and wanting to get some new things for her new place, however, her funds were scarce so we negotiated with this honey. she though Jmac was totally hot and was more than eager to fuck him and get paid for it. It all turned out for the best. This big booty gal looks simply ravishing getting her cock on. Don't miss this ebony honey in Money Talks video: "Time For Tila."

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WOW! Money Talks has done it once again! The things that go down here are unlike anything else you'll ever see. The Money Talks crew go all out in every episode to prove that Money Talks and Bullshit Walks. Somehow they manage to find women, men and couples that are desperate for cash and for the right amount, they'll do ANYTHING! When I saw anything I do mean everything. They get hot babes to show off what their mommas gave them. Plus, find crazy guys to do the craziest of things or at least the most embarrassing things. As if that's not enough they even find horny chics and naughty couples to give up the goods while everyone watches.

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Today they get things started with a french beauty modeling the tinniest bikini ever made. Then they get some dude to help them out at a porno shoot. This dude was in for a treat! They have him put on a baby carrier, have a hot redhead climb in and you'll never guess what happens next. While strapped on his chest this beauty gets her pussy rammed in by a big black dick. Only this isn't the only pussy that gets stuffed in this "A Cut Above" episode. Jmac and the boys head out to the barbershop to check out the new redhead on the scene. They get the babes who walk in to flash their tits and some dude to shave his head and eyebrows off. Then they get a hot blonde to strip it all off and give up the goods.


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Money Talks Blog is back with yet another mind blowing, real amateur porn sex update. As you may well know, Havoc and the Money Talks crew become wilder when festivities are in the horizon. And as the holidays get closer everyday the gang is becoming ever more wilder which is great because if not, Havoc would have never thought of "penis painting." In this installment she gets a cute brunette to get naked and get an X-Mas tree painted on her naked body by a dude and his penis serving as a paint brush. It came out better than we could have ever hoped for. You just go to see this.

Next our gorgeous Havoc paid some dude big bucks to get naked and tie her remote controlled operated, toy helicopter to his dong. She also, paid some hot babe with big boobs to fly the helicopter around while it yanked this dude's cock the whole while. It's utterly outlandish, just like we like shit around here.

Next the crew is looking for hostess at the new bar. Jmac spotted a hot blonde: Kenzie Bay. She had big tits and a gorgeous, big ass. He really wanted her for the job but in typical Jmac fashion, he wanted to take the babe for a test drive. First they paid her some cash to show off those awesome, milk shakers, then they gave her more cash to take off her panties, bent over and show off her pink, shaved pussy. It's a sight that will knock the very wind out of you.

Finally, the hot blonde was feeling horny and rather frisky and decided to get the entire wad of cash and some Jmac cock. He licked her pussy dry and fucked her brains out on the pool table. This babe looked fantastic getting dicked down. Her amazing big ass looked simply glorious! Don't miss Kenzie Bay in Money Talks video: "Bar Bang Boneanza."

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Havoc has gone completely wild in this Money Talks Blog installment. First off she got a classroom going in which she recruited some students to attend a course on pussy squirting. Naturally, for the right amount of cash and Havoc's devilishly charming personality she got some hot, big tit babes to attend and a couple dudes. Its absolutely outrageous but certainly very educational.

Next she got a couple of babes to chow down on a cock with a bun with galore of peanut butter and ketchup. Totally gross, but super fucking entertaining. You can tell these chicks can suck a mean dick. Then dearest Havoc got a trash can filled with ice and got some dude to jump in the shivering ice. This guy's man hood shriveled up to near extinction. "Too Funny."

Finally the Money Talks Crew hits a bar and got talking with a gorgeous blonde, with big blue eyes and big fucking tits. They also, hit off with the sexy brunette which is a bartender. The blonde flashed us her big milk jugs and showed us her sexy, shaved pussy. The brunette was looking really hot and lusting over that lesbian pussy. So a big wad of cash was taken out so these real amateurs would get it on in the back room. They were "all game" and "man" these babes look so good eating each other out. It totally jaw dropping hot. These girls are great at lesbian sex. Don't miss all the action in this Money Talks video: "Backroom Bangin."

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Today we get things started with a smelly treat. Havoc is ready for some good laughs and has decided to pay some people to try out the new "fart freshener". Once she's done getting people to smell nasty farts she's ready to find her next subject to create a veggie treat. She finds a guy up for the challenge brings him on it to see his pussy burger and is asked to pick his toppings.

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When it comes to the main event things are smelling pretty fishy. I bet they had some of those fart fresheners from earlier. This time around Jmac is looking to pay girls to show off their goods and guys to eat live bait, get smacked with fish and even drop live bait down their pants. Just when they thought their luck was running out a hot blonde walks in who's down to play. This chic gets her pussy filled all over the store. She spreads wide, tries out a few new tricks and keeps it going till she's left with a man milk mess.

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