amateur sex with Banging Tysen on Money Talks

This week we've got some great amateur action for you on Money Talks. Esmi and Jmac stepped out onto the beach on a mission to get sexy ladies to flash their tits for some cash. Sure enough, there was no short supply of ladies will to show their tatas for a little cash. After that, the crew hooked up with Tysen. She was a sexy little blond with a banging body and a really cute face. We knew Tysen was down, so we cut right to the chase. She was down and hopped into the van for a sexual adventure. As the van cruised town, Jmac went balls deep into that lovely pussy. He gave her a good stroking and when he was good and ready busted his load all over her face. It was some throwback Money Talks action at its finest.

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Dakota having sex on Money Talks

It was a wild week on Money Talks. Filming started with Havoc hitting the streets to finds a few sex ladies that were willing to go head to head in a blowjob competition. The winner got a huge penis trophy and some quick cash. Just wait until you see these ladies sucking away on that cock. We can tell you this much, they all really wanted to win. From there, filming cut back to the thrift store where Esmi and Levi were getting some hot ladies to show their tits for cash. Once in particular by the name of Dakota was willing to take it to the next level. This cute teen was petite and slim and had a hot pussy she knew how to work. She put a vice grip on Levi's cock and didn't let go until she blew his load all over her face. This is one awesome episode you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

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Money Talks Jessy showing booty on Ass Shopping

This week we have a great Money Talks update for you that features Esmi Lee and is titled, Ass Shopping. It also features MILF Hunter regular, Levi and a new face on the scene, blond amateur Jessy. When she comes into the store looking for a new outfit, she doesn't expect to be offered cash to flash her tits and ass. But she needed the cash, so off came the top and pants. We were quite pleased to see the nice tits and sweet round ass Jessy had. Levi and Esmi wasted no time seducing Jessy once she was naked.

This threesome got down like you couldn't imagine. Esmi Lee and Jessy took turns getting down on that dick and sucking it. From there, the ladies were hot and wet and wanted to feel Levi inside them, so they took turns riding his cock. Jessy got the first crack at it, and it was something exceptional. Just check out the free video above to see how wild it got. After that, Esmi got her turn too, but Levi couldn't hold out any longer and busted his load all over there faces. It was HOT!

Money Talks threesome Ass Shopping with Esmi Lee

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Riley Grey having sex on Money Talks

We got some Sexy Reflections with Riley Grey for you this week on the Money Talks blog. And while she may be new to the scene, we're betting that this girl is going to be BIG in the biz. She has all the key pieces: great looks, a super hot body, and crazy sex appeal. It's a winning combo that has solidified all the greats. While Havoc Hailey is having some fun with jellyfish in this episode, Esmi and Jmac take care of Riley. She comes to the store looking to do a little shopping, but before she knows it, it's them that are paying her for her goods.

As you can see from the free Money Talks video above, the action was hot and hotter. Esmi and Riley Grey joined forces to have a super hot threesome with Jmac. There was plenty of cock sucking, lesbian play with pussy munching, and hardcore stroking. The best part was when Riley rode Jmac's cock. We were totally impressed by the way she handled that. And in the end, her and Esmi Lee got on all fours to take Jmac's hot shot of cum to their faces. The girls just smiled, as they licked up his jizz.


Money Talks Liily blowjob picture

This Money Talks episode titled Pussy Love feature Liily in her debut. When her and her friend just go in to the store look at a few items, they run into Jmac and Esmi. Even though they went in with the intention of buying, it quickly changed to how they could make some money. In this instance, Jmac pulled out a wad of cash and told Liily that she flashed him her tits, he'd give her $200. After a little hesitation, she pulled her sweater puppies out for everyone to see. From that moment on, we knew things were going to pick up. Sure enough, they only got hotter.

Before you knew it, these amateur girls where on their knees both sucking Jmac's cock. Of course the way it works at Money Talks is that the more the ladies are willing to do, the more cash comes out. In this case, it just kept building. But after a while, Liily was so horny, she didn't even care if she got paid. She just wanted cock in her, and Jmac was there to deliver. He took her from behind right there in the middle of the store. Esmi jumped in too.

Liily Money Talks sex picture

For the final act, Jmac took turns drilling both Esmi and Liily. The ladies just switched off and loved sharing the dick. There was no problem because Jmac had enough for both of them. After the ladies were both satisfied, Jmac had his turn too. He pulled out while both of the ladies waited on their knees with their mouths open just waiting to get some cum deposited into their mouths. It was an awesome Money Talks update you'll enjoy.


Adriana Lynn Money Talks

Adriana Lynn is a wild, college-aged, party girl that goes all out in this Reality Kings episode. Her and Esmi Lee double-team on Jmac to show him the time of his life. No doubt, the Adriana Lynn Money Talks episode is what the reality porn niche is all about. As a matter of fact, the episode which is titled Pay Up doesn't even start with Adriana Lynn in it.

Adriana Lynn Pay Up

It actually starts when the host take to the street in search of an artsy girl to give feedback on a real stunning piece in the gallery. Sure enough she locates the chick, and they head back to the studio. There she encounters the Money Talks challenge. Turns out the painting of a dick is the real thing, and she can get some cash to suck it. It's not until the next scene that they meet up with Adrianna Lee.

Adriana Lynn Reality Kings

They find her in a small shop with a friend looking at jewelry. Immediately Esmi Lee and Jmac go in for the move. They convince Adriana and her friend to show them their tits for a little cash. But it doesn't stop there. Adriana ends up butt-naked, sucking dick and getting her pussy stroked before she knows it. This Money Talks episode did pay up almost $1000 cash to Adriana Lynn to get what we wanted. And it ended as you could expect in a hot threesome with her, Esmi and Jmac. It's a must see.


Penelope Stone Money Talks

This Money Talks episode is wild, as usual. It starts off with the host coercing a guy to take a shot to the nuts in return for dribbling some DD tits. Of course, as a guy, he couldn't refuse. The scene then changes to the street where the host pays a couple fine ladies to go back to the backyard of a house for some topless mini-pool wrestling. Their beautiful tits and hot round asses where thrown around, as these sexy ladies got down and dirty. Finally, we cam across Penelope Stone in a thrift store. She was doing some shopping with a friend and looking fine as hell. The crew persuaded her to get naked for a little cash; and from there upped it to BIG money for some sex. Of course, Penelope Stone was totally into it, so it didn't take much for her to take it to another level without any offers of cash. Be sure to check out the incredible free video below from the Sweet Spread Money Talks episode. Enjoy!

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Who doesn't like to start off their week by enjoying some good old fashion cocking sucking pictures? Well, we definitely have the Free Amateur Blowjob Porn Picture, but it's not old fashion. This babe was asked to join a cock art gallery where she will be seeing cocks on the wall. She figured that they would be drawings, but to her surprise there was one real cock there inside of a picture. At first, she was taken back by it, then she just jumped right in and began sucking his cock. She even got completely naked to show off her lovely tits and sexy body. This babe definitely knew what she was doing when it came to sucking dick. It looks as if she has done the head game for years. If you are looking for more entertainment then take a look at the Horny Brunette Amateur Porn Pictures right now.

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It's always exciting for us to approach complete strangers on the streets to see what they are willing to do for some extra cash. On this Horny Brunette Amateur Porn Pictures update you are going to see a sexy babe that is willing to do just about anything for that green. She entered the shop and was asked if she wanted to flash her tits and her pussy. She did it with no problem. Then she was asked if she wanted to suck on Jmac's dick and she did that with much excitement. The only thing left at this point is to do is to get this amateur's pussy pounded in. Jmac is definitely the guy to do that and he puts this babe in all kinds of positions and she absolutely had loved it all. If you are interested in seeing more, then you have to click on the link below to see the actual video. Make sure you take a look at the Latina Amateur Public Sex Photos as well.

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When a sexy chick gets approached on the street she always seems in good spirits, but when asked to participate in something sexual they tend to shy away. This doesn't quite happen with this particular babe on this Latina Amateur Public Sex Photos update. She was seen walking alone and when she was asked to play she was automatically game for it. She took off her clothes and put on the Native American outfit they had for her. She looked hot even in that outfit and she started sucking away on this dude's cock right there in the car. Once the car started moving that is what made her even hornier. Just knowing she is riding around town having sex in the car. She didn't shy away at all and made sure she got her shaved pussy pounded in all kinds of positions. Make sure you click on the link below to see what else happened.

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