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It’s “A Cut Above” The Rest on Money Talks

Dec 15, 2011 Money Talks

WOW! Money Talks has done it once again! The things that go down here are unlike anything else you'll ever see. The Money Talks crew go all out in every episode to prove that Money Talks and Bullshit Walks. Somehow they manage to find women, men and couples that are desperate for cash and for the right amount, they'll do ANYTHING! When I saw anything I do mean everything. They get hot babes to show off what their mommas gave them. Plus, find crazy guys to do the craziest of things or at least the most embarrassing things. As if that's not enough they even find horny chics and naughty couples to give up the goods while everyone watches.

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Today they get things started with a french beauty modeling the tinniest bikini ever made. Then they get some dude to help them out at a porno shoot. This dude was in for a treat! They have him put on a baby carrier, have a hot redhead climb in and you'll never guess what happens next. While strapped on his chest this beauty gets her pussy rammed in by a big black dick. Only this isn't the only pussy that gets stuffed in this "A Cut Above" episode. Jmac and the boys head out to the barbershop to check out the new redhead on the scene. They get the babes who walk in to flash their tits and some dude to shave his head and eyebrows off. Then they get a hot blonde to strip it all off and give up the goods.

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