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Dec 03, 2011 Money Talks Gallery

Every episode of Money Talks goes to show just how true that statement is. With a wad of cash in hand it's unbelievable the things people will do. For the right amount of money, everyday people prove that Money Talks and bullshit walks. Today's picture gallery comes from an episode properly titled "Double sensation".

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With planking being the new big thing all around the world Havoc had to see what the hype was all about. At first it seemed pretty boring, but Havoc put her thinking cap on and put a spicy twist to things. She has them strip down to barely nothing to show off their hot bods in the process. Havoc then makes her rounds and finds some cute girls that are willing to allow her to vacuum their tops off.

The main show ends up being a double treat. They start off by paying dudes to get packaged up and rolled around. Then they pay some kinky cuties to flash their tits and one babe even sits back to enjoy some t-bagging fun. When one long haired cutie walks-in in desperate need for a place to say things spice up even more. She gets paid the big bucks to strip naked and get her va-jay-jay stuffed by Jmac's big dick. She slobs his nob, takes it doggie style and even enjoys some threeway action.

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