Tupac Sex Tape


It comes to no surprise that Tupac Shakur has a sex tape from 1991 that just happened to resurface now. In all my life I've never seen a dead person release so much material while 6 feet under. From the dead Tupac Shakur stays with the times. These days everyone has a sex tape so it's no wonder that Tupac has one as well, though he's been dead for quite sometime.

Tupac's sex tape features the rapper walking into a house party with his pants down to his ankles, no shirt and eager to greet his loving groupies. Tupac wastes no time as he pushes a woman toward his torso and she gets to work as she starts performing oral sex on his manhood.

Tupac, the bad ass rapper and actor is smoking a blunt and dancing about in his sex tape while the girl is still servicing his dong. He has a blunt in one hand and a drink in the other, he's dancing and singing to a new song, that's never been heard before and even strikes up a conversation with Money B from Digital Underground and throughout the whole thing the girl never stops sucking his dick.

Tupac Shakur sure was ambidextrous but not just with the use of his hands. As the five minute sex tape from 1991 wraps, it appears that Tupac is ready to fuck, there's no word of a second tape, but I have a feeling if indeed there is, it'll surface in another 2 or 3 years.

Tupac Shakur
has done more while dead then when he was alive. Something (new) about Tupac surfaces every so often. Makes "one" really wonder if he really is dead. How hard could it really be to fake a sex tape from the 90's. Its not hard to mimic at all, especially if you have funds for make up, wardrobe and killer fucking Photoshop and other programs that will cut and paste images just flawlessly.

Anyway, a sex tape in 2011 is big news, what better way to introduce his latest, supposedly never released jam than in a sex tape that came from the past while he dances, smokes pot & converses while receiving oral sex by a very committed to the task groupie? The man is an absolute genius!

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