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Trisha Parks on Money Talks

This week on Money Talks we had on Trisha Parks and Gabriella Ford in an insane threesome for our main event. But before we jump into that, let's talk about our Money Talks challenge. Our hosted managed to track down two couple for a game of Naked Dizzy Bat race. For those who don't know, that is where you spin around a bat until you're dizzy, and then you race down to the finish line. The difference in this game was the guys had to bang their waiting girlfriends at the finish line who were waiting naked. After that, we caught up with Seth who was approaching chicks on the beach with Gabriella to try and engage them in a threesome.

Gabriella Ford Latina porn on Money Talks

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After many flashes for cash, and lots of hot tits and ass, the couple finally came across Trisha Parks. This sexy blonde was out surfing, and they threw the whole stack of cash at her if she would come back to the hotel room for a good time. Once back in the room, the girls sucked Seth's cock together and then took turns riding it. Gabriella was a gorgeous Latina with an insane body that could work that pussy like a pro. Then it was Trisha's turn. Seth pounded that pussy deep and had her moaning. When he couldn't hold out anymore, he pulled out and nutted all over her pretty face. It was one WILD threesome!


Alli Rae teen porn on Reality Kings

We had a sick one for you this week on Money Talks! Our sexy host Kylie was out on a mission. She hit the mad streets of South Beach in search of some hot ladies that were down to make some cash on a sexy challenge. The crew had come up with the concept of an adult version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. In this version, the loser has to strip down and masturbate. Kylie found a super HOT lady that was up to the challenge and proved that money talks. Then we caught up with Esmi and Peter out at the shop.

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They were offering sexy customers cash for a flash. These customers were all about it, and we got to see some great tits and ass. When Esmi came across Alli Rae, she knew what she wanted. She looked over at Pete, and he wanted the same thing. They went all out and threw the whole wad of money at her to engage them in a wild threesome. The sex was insane in this one and featured some ultra hot girl-on-girl action. Don't miss out!


Dixie Brooks Reality Kings porn

This week out host introduced us to Molly, a contestant that had won an insane vibrator from a giveaway. They wanted to hit the streets to find a lady to use it on. After looking for a while, they finally found this one gorgeous Latina babe who was all about it. For $400, she took the Money Talks challenge. Back indoors, she put that vibrator to good use. This babe had a gorgeous body and a perfect ass. You will thoroughly enjoy watching her work it. Then we caught up with Pete and Esmi at the gym.

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There they tempted plenty of hotties to strip down and flash their goods. But it was only when they saw Dixie Brooks that they threw the whole wad of cash at her. Esmi and Dixie bounced naked on Yoga balls before Dixie gave those lips a workout around Pete's cock. Esmi jumped in, and they had a hot threesome right there in the gym. It was an all-out porn party that didn't end until P was jizzing all over Dixie's cute face. That's how we do it on Reality Kings, and you won't want to miss it!


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Out of all of the videos on Money Talks, no video has been favorited more times by our loyal fans then this sexy Asian reality porn video that goes by the name "The Rub Club." It features the Money Talks Tube crew going to an Asian massage parlor and seeing if it is true what everybody says about those places and happy endings. What they learn might just surprise you...or not, if you remember that you're watching a video made by a porn site.

The Asian babes in this video are really nasty and hot. Our people go to the parlor to get a hot massage and they walk out about 10cc lighter, if you know what I mean! After the massage parlor visit, they invite the Asian babes back to the hotel for the usual Money Talks Tube craziness - dressing up in costumes, doing weird dares and much, much more! (And by "much, much more" we mean more fucking)

I highly suggest that you check out this video today. The scene in the massage parlor is probably as nasty and weird as Money Talks has ever gotten, and when you consider how weird and nasty Money Talks is on a regular basis, that's saying something! Check out this sexy Asian reality porn today, for only $1!

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Oh boy, this horny beach sex video on Money Talks is so out of control that it's exploding in my hands as I write this! This chick was obviously trolling for dick on the beach for the longest time, as the second she ran into us, she basically immediately jumped the bones of the crew! You just need to see this incredible sex video. The content that you see in it will absolutely blow your mind! Don't wait up, download it today! Or maybe, first sign in and then download it.


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I can't wait to see the hottest bathroom sex videos on Money Talks. Bathroom sex is so fucking hot, and so convenient too! The shower is right there, so when you're done cumming straight into the toilet, you can take a shower to wash away all the sweat. Then you can brush your teeth, and get rid of all those germs. Nothing beats convenient sex. I guess that's why I chose this video to be our featured video for the day. Or maybe I just chose it randomly. Whatever the reason, it's worth checking out. Watch it today!

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