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Money Talks Blog brings to you all one spectacular Money Talks update with crazy as fuck stunts. The very lovely Havoc pulling all the strings and the best real amateur sex money can buy is in stored for you in this installment. First off, Havoc decided that we should be able to take someone's temperature simply by sticking their finger up their asses. We got a few volunteers and a thermometer to see if their forecasts were accurate or at least close to it. The big booty gal was worth the effort.

Next Havoc pays this dude to get on a treadmill while on his skateboard and while she egged the hell out of him. What can we say but that "Money Talks!" Then we got plenty of hot real amateurs showing off all their goods: shaved pussies, big booties and big boobs for some cash.

Finally, the Money Talks crew hits pool supply store. You'd be surprise at all the fine ass that walks through this place. Voodoo was on the hunt for some pussy when he spotted this hottie that was in need of some cash and kind of fancy Voodoo the same. She showed us her perfect big tits and then got down with some real amateur sex that's totally off the chain since its right there in front of the clerk and all. You need to check out this awesome Money Talks video: "Dick and Dollars." If you're not a fan of Money Talks already, you will be a die hard aficionado of the best real amateur porn site on the world wide web!

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Money Talks Blog is kicking off the new year with a very informative and perhaps, educational in some levels update. You see, we have a bunch of Money Talks newbies so if you're about to become one, here's some information that you may find useful. First off, you need to get to know Havoc Hailey and most likely you will and you're going to love this long haired brunette with the wits and cleverness of a 1000 women gathered together. She's basically the spit that puts these awesome installments in action. She's naughty creative, super fucking sexy and loads of fun.

For instance, in this one update she recruited a few guys that were well compensated to stick their dicks in these holes she punctured in a bathroom stall. The objective is to see who cums first. Naturally, she got some girls to suck these dudes off. Everyone gets a wad a of cash, but naturally, who ever cums first gets a bigger price.

Money Talks is off beat, off the chain, one of a kind and always surprising. If you're a total goof ball that enjoys both real amateur sex and sexy and raunchy stunts this is the perfect site for you. Kick start your year by joining Money Talks- the best real amateur porn site on the web and commence by checking out this Money Talks cock sucking stunts in Money Talks video: "Tease Me Please Me." You'll be fucking blown away!

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With so many freezing their buns off in the snow I figured I'd switch things up and show you some hot ladies stripping down to freeze their pussies instead. Havoc sure has a way of making ladies feel comfortable and down to do the craziest stuff. While she gets to enjoy the outdoor pussy play the rest of the crew is indoor at some sort of sexy shop that has lots of wild lingerie outfits and craziness. They get some dork to dress up in ladies blue mermaid dress and an electric pink wig. Then get get a bunch of babes to show off their goods. One babe is there with her man who obviously wanted some cash and has her flash both her tits and pussy for some extra funds. For the finally they get their hands on a hot blonde who tries on some sexy lingerie and then has them stripped off so get can get her slit pounded in for the big bucks! When it comes to hot amateur action it just doesn't get any better then it does here on Money Talks.

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This is one fucking epic Money Talks Blog update that all real amateur porn fans must watch. Our own personal, lovely, gorgeous and naughty Havoc Hailey hooks up with Molly Cavalli, the voluptuous lesbian, blonde bombshell for a super steamy wrestling match. They oil up their perfectly sexy bodies and get down in a slippery wrestling match. Havoc ends up completely naked and looking superbly hot. Molly Cavalli's monster curves are out of hand and super mouth watering. You just have to check them out in action!

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Moving along, Havoc, naturally has more tricks and treats in her big ole bag of tricks. She goes around the street offering homeless people pink pussy tacos. It's fucking off the chain! She pays one hot babe to take a bite out of the pussy taco. And of course, there's more action that you just got to see to believe and the best amateur sex in porn. View all the action in Money Talks video: "Lets Talk Turkey." You'll be totally blown away by this super awesome Money Talks installment!


If you're looking for some much needed laughs and amateur porn Money Talks is where it's at! Every episode is bound to have you laughing your ass off and shaking your head at these dudes doing the dumbest shit to get the big bucks and all sorts of women exposing their goods to earn some cash. Havoc and the rest of the crew are always up to something and keep it good! You won't want to miss out on today's Money Talks Video, it's jam packed with amateur sex, juicy pussies and tits of all sizes.

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Candy Pants is a hot episode featuring three different dudes doing dumb shit like eating a cigarette and getting their head flushed down a toilet. When it comes to the ladies, Havoc finds a real hottie to strip down in teh snow and fuck a snowman's dildo dick for the big bucks. While Havoc enjoys the now Jmac and the crew are back in the MIA looking for a hot new waitress who can roll with the punches. They have a load of cash that they're looking to spend and plenty of candidates walking in the doors. They get a bunch of latina beauties to flash their goods for the camera. There's tits and asses of all shapes and sizes coming out to play. They find one firecracker who's even willing to give Jmac a hand job but chickens out of going all the way. Lucky for him the next cutie to walk in is ready to ride. They have some fun and then get to work. This chica is hot and rides his cock all over the pool table for everyone to watch.


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Havoc is on the prowl again with a whole new set of ideas and naughty Money Talks stunts. She begins by hitting the beach. She recruits a couple a compensates them well to put some body paint and pretend to be sex statues by the boardwalk in which they pose in different kinds of sex positions. They even got tips for their performance. It's absolutely rich!

Then we got plenty of other outlandish fucking stunts just for shock value which you will totally love if you know how Money Talks rolls. There's plenty of big tits, perky tits and tits to satisfy all you tit lovers out there.

Finally, we meet the beautiful, Hailey Holiday and this babe is a fucking gem. She has a hot body and nice handfuls for tits. Jmac totally wants to bang this babe. We finally, convinced her to come back to the van and then she gets real naughty. Apparently, she wasn't only after the green, but also, wanted some dick. Don't miss this honey in Money Talks, real amateur porn video: "Break Her In" You'll be totally blown away!

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Money Talks Blog returns with yet another festive and super fucking hot update. Havoc has picked a homeless dude off the street and cleaned him up a bit for a pre New Year's Eve pussy feast, only he has no fucking clue that for the main course he gets to lick some top notch pussy and ass. Havoc Hailey sure is full of surprises. Needless to say, dinner went real well.

Next Havoc goes on and spots this hot and curvaceous brunette, with a huge rack and a nice, round ass. We just had to see it. Havoc negotiated with her and in no time this babe shows off her big boobs and nice, big ass. She even ends up making out with our dearest and sexy- Havoc. She totally digged it!

For the main event we hit a firecracker stand and some X-Mas trees are still left over which is great for they provide privacy. The very lovely and stunning Bella Trix swings by and for the right amount of cash shows off her perfectly shaved pussy. This real amateur was all about the money and some pleasure while at it. She totally loved Jmac's fat sausage and was soon chowing down on that big boy. She then gets her tight, shaved pussy hammered. Don't miss this New Year's Eve Pussy Feast and Bella Trix in Money Talks video: "Fire Cracker." This installment will set you off for the new year!

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With winter officially here it's time to see some snow and find some sexy snow bunnies willing to flash their goods for cash. Once Havoc gets what she wants she heads out to meet up with Jenna Haze who's agreed to teach a hand-job class to the locals. Jenna's known for being able to make a man nutt in seconds with nothing but her hand skills and is ready to teach them to the rest. They round up some locals, teach them some tricks using a cucumber and finds one beauty willing to test out the new skills on a real cock.

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Back in Miami the crew is out enjoying the sun and ducking the clouds. They find a bunch of hot chics strolling the boardwalk that are don to make some cash. These babes head in to the hotel room to flash their goods and collect the cash. Only these babes aren't just flashing their tatas this go round, you have a MILF flashing her fur burger and a hot teen stripping down and taking a pounding. She shows us what she's working with gets her tight hole rammed in by Jmacs big dick. She may be petite but she can handle a monster cock like a pro.


If you're into raunchy, scandalous and off the wall, real amateur porn you're just going to love the fuck out of Money Talks real Amateur Porn. We got sexy as hell, Havoc Hailey who always has a bag of tricks making Money Talks the most scandalous porn site packed with galore of sexy stunts, babes showing off their tits for cash and much, much more!

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In fact, in this particular update Havoc got some dude to to hum on some girls pussy. They were both happy to comply for the monetary compensation made it all worth it. This update is also jam packed with tons of sexy babes with big tits, juicy asses and the best real amateur porn. Check out Money Talks Real Amateur Porn video: "Pay for A Peek." You'll be blown away! Take chance and join Money Talks now for just $1!


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Money Talks Blog is back yet again with another mind blowing update! Have you ever seen naked yoga? Well, in case you haven't, now you will in the most erotic and most fantastic way. If you weren't a fan of the new age exercise, you're about to become totally die hard about it. Our wonderful Havoc Hailey got several hot babes to come back to the gym get naked and show us some yoga moves. Well, they showed us much, much more.

Somehow, Havoc got her hands on a Robo hand. "Yes," it's a robot hand exclusively made for tug jobs. Havoc paid some sexy girl to come in the van and use the Robo hand to give our darling stud a tug job. It worked wonderfully and she didn't even have to put to much effort into the ordeal. Though we suspect she wanted to take over with her own hands.

For the main event we got a blonde hottie that's a total nympho. This pig tail beauty would fuck 24/7 if it was possible. Her name is Whitney Taylor and this girl is a champ in the sack. She takes Jmac's cock and gives it a sloppy, mind blowing blow job. He then fucks this freaky girl's kitty like there's no tomorrow. Watch all the action in Money Talks video: "Preps and Pussy." Tune into Money Talks Blog for continuous updates on the best real amateur porn on the web!

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