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Money Talks Blog is back with yet another outlandish installment featuring the hottest real amateurs in real amateur porn being the naughtiest and their very sexiest! Havoc is on a rampage with this sensation about "planking" and "owling" but she came up with a better idea as usual: Naked Planking- "Oh Yeah" and its mighty hot! This one off the chart update that you just have to check out in its entirety to fully grasp and understand and once you do you're going to be hooked on Money Talks!

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Moreover, this installment is not lacking in babes with big boobs and willing to show them off for the right amount of cash. There's plenty of hot to trot, real amateur sex when Jmac dicks down this hot brunette with a big booty and big tits. Its totally epic! Don't miss this out on the best real amateur porn on the net!


Money Talks Blog brings to you this Monday one banging update with the wildest, real amateur porn. Havoc, naturally up to her chin with tricks and looking ever so lovely I her sexy bikini showing off that fine ass and those great tits. With her charm, drop dead gorgeous looks and the wad she usually has on her, she always gets her way. It's wild fucking fun!

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Money Talks Blog is back with another jaw dropping Money Talks installment...Havoc is always up to her chin with tricks. She payed some dude to eat her "hand-sandwich," which is somewhat of a bargain since most people out there would eat anything of havoc's for fucking free since she's so fucking lovely and mischievous. She'll drive anyone insane with her charms and her drop dead gorgeous looks. She also, got fine ass, cow-girl to ride her pony. This is not you're regular pony, you'll have to see for yourselves. Just keep in my mind this blonde looks hot and man can she take a fat dildo into er tight, little kitty.

Next Jmac is back at the heavy artillery shop and he's on the hunt for some real amateurs to show off their stuff. He's ready with a wad of cash and his big dong. Rest assure this installment is jam packed with galore of sexy, hot mommas showing off their big tits for the right price. Finally, the lovely Asian, Jayden Lee meets Jmac and the chemistry was heavy. She started off by showing us her big tits and then decided for a little more cash that she'd go all the way with Jmac in this Money Talks, real amateur porn video. "Man," Jmac sure was happy when Jayden Lee hooked up with him, he was dying to fuck her Asian pussy and that's exactly what he does. This is one really awesome, Money Talks update that you just have to check out!

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Hang tight to your seats for this very latest installment of Money Talks Blog is going to blow your sock away. Havoc, paid this sexy older dame to play the flute with her pussy. Mission completed successfully. Then she moved on to to beach for some really sexy topless, hula hoop...Havoc joins in herself and her tits are looking lovelier than ever. Next Jmac hits the tattoo shop and gets some ink and bu falls in lust with this real amateur, Tayllor, who happens to have loads of tats and huge tits.

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Jmac put his mac on and Tayllor turned out to be a really good sport and even a better fuck. He fucked her pussy hard and deep and she gave him one mind blowing blow job. This honey wasn't only hot and horny but she was totally awesome. If you like babes with big tits and lots of tattoos, you're going to love this baby in Money Talks Porn. Don't miss this off the chain update!


Today's Money Talks Blog update is so fucking hot your not going to be able to peel off your eyes off the best amateur porn site on the web! Naturally, our Havoc is up to many treats and tricks. She paid some big tit babe suck multiple cocks at the same time. She is really fucking gifted we can tell you that. This babe sure is familiar with the meat department and can surely can multitask.

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However and moreover, for the main event we got he very stunning Latina, Gigi Larios and "man" this babe is fine as fuck. She has a banging body with a delicious Latina ass and perfect tits. She links up with Jmac and her other side kick, this other sexy brunette with a hot ass. Needless to say, this is one threesome you'll never forget. These babes are so hot, so good, you're going to love it. Tune into Money Talks and check out Gigi Larios in this new, Money Talks Real Amateur Porn.


Money Talks Blog is back with one surreal as hell update, but nonetheless super fucking hot. If you know Money Talks, you know Havoc. She's the sexy, dark haired beauty with precious tits,a banging bod, lots of tats and a wit that can whip you into doing almost anything. This time around Havoc wanted to put her cyber sex skills to the test and so she did. She found a hot blond with big tits that was more than willing... Havoc licked her pussy via iPad. It's extraordinarily awesome! A must watch I tell you!

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Moving on, Jmac gets some hot pussy over at the music store. This hot babe came in for some guitar lessons but Jmac wanted to give her so much more than that. With a little persuasion, charm and money, he got exactly what he wanted and this sexy, big tit babe got more than she ever expected. She looks so fine as she gets her shaved pussy ravished by Jmac's fat dong.



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Money Talks Blog and the Money Talks Crew is back with a bang! Our lovely and especially very sexy Havoc was feeling a little frisky/aggressive and wanted to punch someone's lights out with a "hand-sandwich." She pays some dude to allow her to smack him around with her sandwich which is wrapped around her hand. (Totally hilarious, you just got to see it!)

Then she finds this hot, little cow girl with a fine body and some nice, perky tits.  Havoc pays this hottie that you will just love, to come back to the studio and ride our pony. Only thing this is not your typical pony. It's a saddle with a dildo well attached to it and the saddle rests upon some dudes back. It's like some twisted "planking' sort of deal, but much more fun. This girl is a champ at dildo riding in real amateur porn.

Finally, Jmac spots this hot brunette and a gorgeous Asian beauty. He wanted to fuck them so bad. After some wheeling and dealing the babes agree for the right monetary compensation and let me tell you, this is one hell of an Asian & brunette threesome. These babes are fucking gorgeous and fuck like total champs, they're also very much into each other, so you'll get to see some epic carpet munching in this threesome. Don't miss out all the awesome, real amateur fun on Money Talks video: "Merry Muncher."

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