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Havoc and the Money Talks crew is at it again. This Friday's Money Talks Blog update is off the wall to put in lamest terms. Have you ever seen a human table? Well, after this update you can go and tell all your friends about the awesomest and sexiest human table in existence. You see, Havoc is an innovative thinker and she likes to make the most out of everything.

She got this banging Latina babe to come back with her. She paid her to get naked and show off those big tits and that gloriously, delicious big ass. Further more, Havoc challenged her to serve as the first human table ever and as an incentive she would get another nice wad of cash, of course. This Latina babe proved to be physically fit to hold up that glass and has great equilibrium as well. Were making history here at Money Talks. I'm telling you all big real amateur porn fiends, Money Talks rules!

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Havoc proceeded to play strip poker with some dude she met on the human table. Havoc ended up almost naked except for the small fabric of her thong. Her big booty and big boobs were looking lovelier than ever. She then played pool with this dude and the human table was off the hook already so they smashed some nuts with pool balls. It's totally fucking fantastic stuff!

When she hit the street again she got two dudes to do some cactus fencing. "Yeap," bet you never heard of this either. It's basically fencing with swords packed with cacti in underwear in the middle of the street. Very interesting, isn't it?

Finally, she hits this cool bar. Get ready to see some big fucking tits and MILF racks and a sexy real amateur rub tits with the hot bartender. The real amateur cutie was down to fuck and make a sex tape which is all we ever really want. Well, this girl went above and beyond, she gave our stud a mind blowing meat rod polish and then got her tight coochie stuffed. Don't miss this utterly fantastic Money Talks, real amateur porn video: "Bar Fun." You won't be sorry, that's for fucking sure! Tune into Money Talks for best real amateur porn on the web!

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If there's a real amateur porn site that can provide you with sexy stunts, shenanigans and awesome real amateur sex that's Money Talks! Money Talks Blog brings to you all the awesome updates. Havoc is the leading lady at Money Talks and as you can see for yourself she has big tits and banging body. If that wasn't enough, this babe has tricks up her sleeve you wouldn't believe. In this update, she pays some dude to get his cock tazed. He didn't mind one bit, not only was he in close proximity to Havoc's boobs, but he got a wad of cash for stunt.

Havoc is at her best in this update. She got some dude to pull out his cock and drew a smiley face on it. She hit a restaurant that in no time became a fuck fest. First the waitress, with the hot, big ass and big tits gave some dude a mustard held Mohawk. Naturally both parties got paid and were two very happy campers despite the mustard mess. The waitress was all about it and when some really sex, brunette walked in, they ended up kissing. It's a pretty, fucking fantastic sight.

Tiffany Taylor is the hot brunette that not only kissed this banging waitress but flashed us her perky tits. She agreed to go to the back and get her pussy rammed by our king dong stud. Her big ass looked superb as she popped it up in the air and got done doggy style. This surely is one of Money Talks wildest updates to date. It's sexy, entertaining and possibly the best real amateur sex/porn on the world wide web!

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This week in Money Talks Blog update we have some pretty spectacular and sexy stunts courtesy of the very creative and stunningly gorgeous, Havoc. First off she invented the pizza bikini, she hired some girl with a nice, big ass and big tits to sport the pizza bikini. Not looking bad at all, in fact, quite appetizing. Havoc proceeded to pay some dude off the street to chow down the pizza bikini right off this babe's body. He was happy to make some money and happy to be in such close proximity to this fine piece of ass.

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Then Havoc and the crew went to hang out at a cigar shop where we meet the lovely, daring and horny, real amateur: Miranda May. She was shopping for cigars for a bachelorette party but settled for Jmac's huge cigar in his pants. Miranda Jay flashed us all her goods; her perky tits, her coochie and her lovely round booty.

Before you even realize this babe is on her knees giving Jmac a champ blow job. She then lets him fuck her silly deep in her pussy. Miranda Jay was in utter bliss and enjoyed every minute of getting fucked hard and deep. She left the cigar shop with perhaps, the best lay of her life and a wad of cash. Needless to say, all parties we're more than happy with the outcome. Don't miss Miranda Jay in Money Talks video: "Pole Smoker."

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