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I just love almost nothing in this world more than seeing a Free Money Talks episode, but notice that I said "almost" nothing, because there is ONE thing I like more than seeing an episode of Free Money Talks, and that's checking out this sexy brunette in a mesh body suit! This chick is really wild and crazy for the cock, in a way that gives the chicks you'd find in our Down to Business a real run for their money! Be sure to keep an eye out for the scene where the chick sucks two dicks at once! It's super hot!

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You like Free Money Talks videos? I certainly hope that you do, because today we have with us a whole SHITLOAD of horny amateur porn stars footage and we're just dying to give it away! Of course, we can't give ALL of it away for free, but with our new $1 porn subscription offer, it's basically as close to free as you can get! I mean, you could spare $1 for a trip to porn heaven, can't you? I know that when I look at all of our stripper in public movies, I can see it's worth the risk!

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We have quite the hell of an update for you today here at Money Talks, it's a video of office sex called "Give Me That Ass", and it's one of the sexiest and funniest porn videos that I think we have ever had on our site! Just watching the way these chicks break out laughing and cumming at the same time says a lot about what this whole video is about! Be sure to watch this super wicked porno all the way to the end, because there is a twist (who would had guessed porn movies could have twists?) That will utterly blow your mind!

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This office sex video is just one of the many, many really awesome real sex videos that we have for you here at Money Talks. It's just so fucking awesome how those people in the Money Talks crew can just go out into the streets and convince basically everyone they see into doing the wickedest sex acts known to man. I'm always blown away by just how far $300 can get you in this world! Watch Money Talks today, right now!

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Just how horny are you? I am so horny that I can't wait to see the brand-new update of Money Talks that is coming down the pike today! It's this video called "Sports Fanny" (what's with this site and all the puns anyways?) and it features some double penetration sex that the entire family can enjoy just as long as they are of legal age to watch it in the region that they are in! What makes this video so nasty is the fact that it's just so daring. I mean, I have never seen a chick take it up the ass while blowing a guy around so many people at once! It's fucking incredible!

And I really love the babe in this movie. She has such firm breasts that I want to reach through the screen and just feel them. I really wish that all the babes in this world look this hot...that's not to say that they all have to look exactly like her, but that is to say that they all should have incredible bodies and be as good at fucking as this chick is! So, I'm a little sexist...sue me!

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Anyways, I just highly suggest that you check out this video, and everything that Money Talks has to offer. They're just so great at making hot movies, and I love them for that fact. With our new $1 adult video subscription, it is now easier than ever to become a it today!

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This glory hole porn movie on Money Talks videos is just plain incredible. It's like the Reality Kings version of that Tree of Life movie or something - never in my life have I ever been struck with as much awe and wonder as the time that I started to watch this movie. I think my favorite part of the whole thing is the part when the main chick in it takes off all of her clothes and begins to suck some dick really sloppy style. It's just plani incredible, and worth watching!

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Hot Latina babes are just fun to watch when they get naked, aren't they? I certainly feel that way. I especially feel that way when I watch movies such as this brunette Latina video from Money Talks. On this video, this super-hot Latina babe beings to suck this guy's dick and keeps sucking until every ounce of cum shoots out of his dick!

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Now, why can't I find babes like that? Oh well, at least I could just watch her do her work by watching this brunette Latina video. Staring at that incredible ass of hers, or those two boobs hanging off of her chest. Honestly, that's all I need out of life as of right now.


The Christmas season is here and Havoc is bring the cheer in this latest Money Talks episode titled "Big Bucks". She manages to get her hands on Santa's helpers and is ready to put them to work and show them some action. One of Santa's elves has been a bad girl and the consequences for her naughty behavior are too good to miss. i won't spoil all the fun but lets just say Havoc even ends up with naked tits all in her face.

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Havoc doesn't let the good times end there. She's come up with a new fashion trend and she's looking for hot babes to show it off. She finds two Latina hotties with great bods and real tits. She hooks them up with her new trend and gets them rubbing nip to nip. These ladies love it so much that they decide to show their appreciate and make some extra money. Each babe grabs ahold of one of Havoc's nipples and sucks away!

You already know the episode won't end there. Voodoo has teamed up with the hot and horny Gianna Michaels and they out looking to give away the big bucks and have some good laughs in the process. They're hanging out with Ms.Amazon who's a big girl with a lot of ass and an amazing personality. They have their fun with the men and women they find walking up and down the street. She smothers them in between her tits, fits on their faces, carries them and even lets one of them do a flip over her back.

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Ms. Amazon has to take off leaving Voodoo & porn star Gianna Michaels to rom the streets looking for some treats. They come across a real winner with dark long hair, light eyes, big tits & a need for some serious cash. They get her to flash her tatas and then convince her to head back to the room to give up her goods. This babe shows off all she's got as she sucks Voodoo's cock and lets him fuck her all over the room. He beats her pussy up and Gianna Michaels watches all the action going down. She's a freak who gets off on watching others in action.


The Money Talks crew is on the loose and bringing in all the hottest and craziest episodes yet. For today's Money Talks Blog update we're bring you a sneak peak from an episode titled "Super Spread". Havoc finds a cornball that lets her shave his beard like a money tail and another who's willing to chow down on his clippers for a few bucks. Then she heads out to find some hotties who are down to flash their tatas and even give them a little giggle. For an added bonus you all surely won't want to miss Havoc as she shows off her gorgeous tatas and their amazing bounce.

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You all know the fun doesn't end there! The guys are over at the swap shop and ready for some giggles and wild excitement. The pay some cheese-ball to climb in a suitcase and get rolled around & some idiot to put clamps on his nipples. He's is so much pain he can't even hold back the tears! There's hot chics all around that are looking for the big bucks and flashing their milk jugs all around. There's even a spicy Latina that's willing to go to the back and show off more then just her real tits. She drops her shorts to flaunt her wet pussy for the cameras. She's super fly but was down enough for the main event. For that we have ourselves a sexy ballerina beauty. This babes body is amazing; juicy natural breast, a round plump booty and a dripping wet pussy that was begging for a pleasing. She gets her slit stuffed all over the back room while others sit back and watch.


This one here had me laughing to the point of tears. Havoc is a mess, this babe is down to do the craziest shit and we love her for it. In this MoneyTalks "Sleeping booty" episode she does some wild shit. She pays two chics to have their pussies painted and decorated in the Halloween spirit. Then she gets together a team of plus sized beauties to play a competitive game of basketball. By the end of the game she gets them to flash their tits and even pays two of them to strip naked and sit on her and the other refs faces.

Jmac and the rest of the crew are hanging out at a sex shop for the day looking for some fun. They pay chics to flash their tits and get these two dudes to have a cock fight. They are each handed a huge dildo and have a dildo smacking contest to win the big bucks. For the main event they find these two babes to flash their tits and get one of them to do a bunch of other crazy shit. They strip her down and draw a babe with huge tits on her back and ass. Then one of the babes on the crew gets to dildo fuck her pussy and get it nice and wet. Once she's good and ready Jmac comes in to lay down the finishing touches and pumps her full of cock. When it comes to wild entertainment it's Money Talks all the way!

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Money Talks Blog is back with a real amateur sex holiday festivities update and it's utter insanely sexy and raunchy. It's Money Talks at its best for Havoc and the the rest of the Money Talks crew become extra creative during the holidays and their Christmas spirit is truly contagious. Havoc goes all out when she set up a dick climbing mountain at a warehouse complete with all the holiday festivity ornaments. She gets a few sexy babes to dick climb this mountain on totally naked. It's probably one of the most outlandish stunts she's ever come up with but "man" it is hot! These babes have big boobs and sexy bodies.

Havoc next its a little grocery store and stumbles upon a young looking couple. The babe has big tits and a big, yummy ass. She offers them a good load of cash to get it on right there and then and they naturally went for it. The dude fucks his girl against a shelf on an aisle doggy style. It's totally exhibitionist style and so very hot.

Then we have loads of babes flashing their big tits and even a cougar flashed her big milk shakers and her bushy pussy and got a shit load of cash. For the main event we hit up this sexy Latina, with fire, red hair and a banging body. She first flashed her big boobs, showed us her shaved pussy and finally she met Jmac and decided to suck his rod and fuck him.

Jmac couldn't wait to get his hands on that Latina booty. He fucks her to oblivion and as the finale he gifts her with a cum shot to the face. She's a real amateur that fucks like a champ! Don't miss this real amateur sex holiday sexy festivities in Money Talks video: "Serving Samantha."

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